Wilhelmine Heidrich
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care to share your measurements~?

No, I don’t. Ask Eduard, maybe he’ll tell you, because I know that Alfons and I won’t.

74 32 63 40 43

74. I’ve already answered this.

32. If they’re Alfons, we’re fucking.

63. I don’t really know. My ex was pretty… average, at least from what I’ve heard (though he’s really tall, so it didn’t exactly seem proportionate), and Alfons is apparently pretty big, but… I don’t know. It’s more technique, really.

40. I haven’t, but I would, provided we were on something that wasn’t the ground.

43. I haven’t, and I wouldn’t.

24 35 50 66 52

24. the nape of my neck, my collarbone, and my nipples, though the last one is sort of… difficult to get just right at the moment.

35. Love > Sex. (though I do love having sex with my husband, don’t get me wrong)

50. Well, I’ve sent Alfons nude pictures of myself, and I’m not sure if they ever disappear, but nothing’s been posted, no.

66. Sure.

52. I do. I don’t like them, but Alfons doesn’t care. (if anything, I think he might actually like them, which makes no sense to me). Eduard didn’t care, either, so no. No one but me has ever had a problem with them.

15 13 70 31 17

15. How happy it makes Alfons, and how he tastes.

13. I… don’t really have anything like that. I used to, but I really don’t need to get myself off to a picture of Alfons when I have Alfons himself.

70. I really don’t have a preference? I’m straight.

31. It can be. It depends on a lot of factors.

17. I have. It was… strange.

54 7 71 11 30

54. I just answered this.

7. Feeding Alfons soup when he was sick.

71. I just answered this.

11. We were about to have sex on the kitchen table and then his brother walked in, totally unannounced

30. Waxed.

44 54 12 74 65

44. I haven’t, and I don’t think that I would. Plane bathrooms just seem really… unsanitary. And they’re a bit too small and crowded.

54. It’d be a bit of a turn off, but I don’t really have to worry about that with Alfons.

12. It depends. If we’re pressed for time, one is fine. Otherwise… no, more than one is definitely necessary.

74. I honestly have no idea. The only man I’m interested in stripping for is my husband.

65. Alfons and of course it did. He’s my husband.

27 71 5 34 9

27. I’m not sure that I’ve really had any bad sexual ideas. Well… having sex on the couch in the apartment wasn’t a great idea, considering that four different people walked in during the course of the maybe ten minutes before we gave up.

71. I don’t know.

5. Public restroom. It’s just… incredibly unsanitary.

34. Oral. Kissing is nice, too.

9. Be Alfons? I mean… he doesn’t even have to do anything, really. If I haven’t seen him in a while, seeing him is really all it takes.